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The Roots of Blues

Sam Chatmon Hollandale Blues Delta Blues Big John Horton Steve Gardner

Photo by Steve Gardner. From his book "Rambling Mind".

Sam Chatmon by Steve Gardner

Mr. Sam Sat Down With His Old Gibson Guitar And Leaned Toward The Microphone Smiling As He Opened With His Story About The Time That He Played The San Francisco Blues Festival And Used His Money From The Event To Buy A Car. Sam Said That He Wanted To Try His Hand At Being A Taxi Driver Before He Came Back Home To Mississippi. 

“Yeah, I Tried To Run A Taxi Out In California, But I Couldn’t Think Of What To Name My Taxi… I Drove Over To Where All The Other Taxis Hung Out But It Looked Like They Had Taken Up All The Names…Then About That Time I Saw A Good Lookin’ Woman Walk By Smokin’ A Cigarette And I Said To Myself, ‘Yeah, That’s It, I’ll Name My Taxi The ASH TRAY TAXI’. So, If You’re A Cigarette Smokin’ Woman, Throw Your Butts Over In Here!” 

Visit Sam Chatmon's Grave
Sam Chatmon's grave was recently given a new headstone. If you'd like to pay your respects here is the map. It's by the stone bench that reads "Stop and Listen."

816 Mayfield Street

Hollandale, MS 38748

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